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Prices are good for visits within an 8 mile radius around Hankinson ND, for every 8 miles after add a per visit fee of $5.

Paw Nail Trims Paw Brush-Outs / Dematting  Paw Pet Taxi
4 Paws $10 Normal conditions $10 $20 + $0.50 per Mile
2 Paws $5 Additional charge for Extreme cases

Paw Bathing
Includes Pick up and drop off, basic Brush-out, and blow dry.
Cats / Small Animals $15Dogs <15lbs $15Dogs <70lbs $30
Dogs <5lbs $10Dogs <45lbs $20Dogs >70lbs $35
Skunk  Additional Charge for Extreme cases

Paw  Gift Certificates for services are available!!

Gift Certificate

If you need something not listed, please ask and I will try to help.

I accept the cards listed below, as well as cash, check, or paypal.

Credit Cards Accepted at the Door!